RV Rental in Seattle, WA

Northern Washington has beautiful scenery that you just can’t access from a hotel room. To maximize your time outdoors while visiting Washington’s natural sites, you should rent an RV. For the best RV rental service in Seattle, WA, look no further than Outdoors RV Rentals.

RVs for All Your Needs

Not all vacations are the same, so why should they all be met with the same RV? At Outdoors RV Rentals, we offer three different motorhomes, two different trailers, two different campervans, and a sky-rise tent. Given the wide variety of RVs at our disposal, we are sure to have one that best suits you and your vacation plans.

When you are considering which RV best suits your needs, consider the following:

Sleeping capacity

Seating capacity


Storage space

In addition, you must consider how comfortable you are driving larger vehicles or driving with a trailer hitched to the back of your vehicle.

Supplies for All Your Needs

When you rent an RV, you don’t just hop in the vehicle and go. You will need supplies to supplement your RV experience. But don’t worry that this will be one more thing you have to plan for your trip — we’ve got you covered. All of our RVs come with the supplies you’ll need for camping and living out of your RV.

We provide you with both the supplies you’ll need to enjoy your trip and the supplies necessary to take care of the RV.

Add-Ons for All Your Needs

Not everyone has the stomach to deep clean an RV, including pumping the waste tank, and that’s okay! We have various add-ons to your RV rental package that you can choose depending on the extent of cleaning you’re willing to do for the RV.

Our add-ons are also for your convenience. While we have certain windows for when we expect you to pick up and return our RVs, you can also contact us to change these timeframes to better suit your schedule. We also have an add-on available in the event that you want to bring a pet on your vacation.

To learn more, browse our RV rates and availability.