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RV Rental Rules & Agreement

Outdoors RV Rentals, LLC (hereafter “Outdoors”) wants to thank you for your interest in our company. We promise and strive to do our very best to meet or exceed your expectations of service by providing rental units of the highest quality and cleanliness. This section describes many of the policies associated with renting an RV or Trailer (collectively, “RV” or “rental unit”). We hope your experience will create memories that last forever! It is your responsibility to return the unit in the same condition in which you departed. You will be liable for any damages and/or fees as outlined in this Agreement.

Authorized Driver Requirements. Vehicles can only be operated by qualified drivers 25 years of age or older. All drivers must have a valid and identifiable driver’s license. Your drivers’ license is required as identification and will be verified. Renter acknowledges that recreational rentals can be very large and handle differently from passenger cars. The rental unit requires more skill and expertise to operate safely than a passenger rental unit. The rental unit requires more clearance above, in front of, behind, and beside them to operate safely, and the use of mirrors and direct visual verification are always required to maintain knowledge of the location of adjacent rental units and obstacles on the roadway. Due to size and handling characteristics, the rental unit shall not be operated at speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour regardless of the posted speed limit. Spotters are always required to assist the driver in backing the rental unit. Renter represents and warrants to Outdoors that any person who operates the rental unit will have passed DMV verification and will have the skill and expertise to do so safely and free from negligence. Renter acknowledges that the qualifications of any driver of the rental unit are solely at the discretion and risk of Renter and Outdoors has not evaluated the skill and expertise of any such driver. Renter acknowledges that Outdoors has no control over the number of passengers a Renter may allow into the rental unit or the conduct of those occupants while the rental unit is being operated. Therefore, Renter acknowledges that Renter is solely responsible for the passengers on board the rental unit as well as the conduct of those passengers, and Renter shall confirm that both driver and passengers are properly using seat belts while the rental unit is in motion. All drivers must be identified, authorized, and must sign this Agreement.

Pick-up and Drop-off: Vehicles are available for pickup from 10AM – 4PM Monday-Sunday and drop-off times are Monday-Sunday between 10AM - before 3PM except some major holidays. Vehicles may be picked up & returned only by the renter.

Unauthorized Late Return/Unauthorized Extension of Rental Period: For an unauthorized late return after 3 pm the sum of a) the actual gross rental rate plus b) USD 300.00 for administration and handling will be charged for each late day or part thereof. If the renter contacts Outdoors RV Rentals at least one business day before the vehicle is due for drop-off and obtains the proper authorization to extend in writing the regular rental rate (gross) will apply and is due at time of extension.

Vehicle Orientation: Outdoors believes in properly equipping our renters before their departure so you can get the most out of your rental unit. An Outdoors Orientation Specialist will conduct an inperson equipment review and orientation to get you familiar with your rental unit. This orientation usually takes about one hour. If you’d like the Driving Orientation, please plan on closer to two hours. During covid-19 a full orientation is not possible so it is required that you view the online instructional videos we provide. RV Condition at the time of Pickup: The unit you are picking up is clean on the interior and exterior and is in full working order.

Mileage Allowance- The rental units daily rate includes 100 miles of travel per night. Travel above 100 miles per night is subject to a charge of $.035 cents to $1.49 per mile as indicated on your invoice and is subject to sales tax, rental tax and processing fee. Extra mileage is calculated and paid for before and after the rental is returned.

Insurance: Insurance is needed on all rental units. Outdoors will arrange for this protection on your behalf through or our specialized commercial RV Rental unit insurance. The cost of this coverage varies depending on which unit you rent. An insurance deductible will vary depending on your package selection. We don't sell any insurance and is offered for your convenience. As for insurance information here is the website link for contact information as the packages will vary if you are a wheelbase or outdoorsy customer:

Cancellation: There is a non-refundable 50% down payment applied when you make your reservation. The remaining balance is paid 30 days prior to the pick-up date. If you cancel your reservation, we don’t offer any refunds.

Security Deposit. A security deposit is required for each rental unit. This security deposit covers the cost, in the event there are missing or damaged items inside or damages to the outside of the RV during your rental period. If necessary, additional costs associated with loss of use, missing or damaged items inside or outside the RV, may be charged to your credit card on file along with any applicable insurance deductible if any costs are covered or paid pursuant to an insurance claim submitted by Outdoors. Outdoors may use your security deposit to pay any amounts owed to Outdoors under this Agreement.

Awning: Manual awnings that are factory-fitted to our RV’s are disabled from use. This is for your own protection as we don’t want to charge you to repair or for delaying the next renters’ reservations as even experienced users make mistakes. Awning replacementsstart at $1500 to replace (up to $5000 for the automatic ones) and can be damaged very easily due to weather or accidental misuse. Damage to awnings, including damage while driving (tree, toll road, etc.) are 100% your responsibility and could exceed your security/damage deposit amount.

Toilets: RV Toilets are designed for disposal of single ply RV toilet tissue only. Under no circumstances should anything else be disposed of in the toilet. No feminine hygiene products, diapers or wipes. Failure to observe this rule may clog the toilet which you will be charged $300 to repair.

Generator: All of our class c motorhomes (drivable units) are equipped with generators. RV generators are for running the central a/c and temporary power while traveling. These are not “constant run” generators and are not designed or allowed to be used as primary power while you are camping by running them constantly for extended periods of time. If you desire air conditioning you need to use a campsite with RV electrical available to plug into. Customers are forbidden from running the generator overnight while sleeping in the unit due to the possibility of carbon monoxide getting into the unit while you are asleep – a deadly hazard. You understand that failure to observe this condition may result in generator failure and that you will be responsible for any repairs. You also understand that such failure may interrupt your vacation. Furthermore, you understand that in higher elevations and in extreme heat, the generator may not stay running as to operating the central a/c unit. Under these conditions we advise you to stay at an RV park in the shade and plug-in into their 30-amp 120v outlet.

Refueling: Experienced RV drivers prefer to fuel up at truck stops since they are safer and provide more vehicle clearance than regular gas stations. As for example when you pull away and start turning after fueling the tail end of the rental unit can swing out and could potentially hit the yellow safety poles or worse the gas pumps or people. We also advise you to use a spotter when fueling and everywhere else you will be parking in tight quarters such as parking lots. Before fueling you must turn off the engine and all ignition sources including gas appliances, refrigerator, hot water heater, stove, furnace, etc. each time you refuel. You are also responsible for checking and maintaining engine oil, fluids, tire pressure, suspension airbag pressure (if applicable), and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. You may be held responsible for mechanical damage if you fail to do so.

Fuel (Gasoline units): Flat land: regular unleaded is fine. Climbing mountains or going up steep or long grades we suggest unleaded plus or premium. DO NOT use E85 or any other type of non-regular gasoline, E85 and other alternative fuels will not run in these engines and will cause engine damage. Take it from experience, using E85 will cause a breakdown and you will be responsible for the tow and repair costs which may greatly exceed your security deposit.

Windshield and Tire Damage: Windshield and tire damage or replacement is the responsibility of the renter. All prior damage must be noted at the time of pick-up. We inspect all tires on a regular basis, but tires need to be inspected on your rental unit prior to your departure. You understand and agree to check tires at least daily since uneven tire pressure causes uneven weight distribution, which increases the probability of tire blow outs. For the same reason, you also agree to check the suspension airbags if present on your vehicle, which need to be maintained at 50psi. This is the responsibility of the Renters. If you have any windshield or tire damage please contact us so we can have these issues fixed before you return as any delay to the next renter which results in compensation or cancellation you will be responsible for up to $2500 in loss of use.

Pets: We allow pets, but an extra cleaning fee applies. Many renters are allergic to pets so we must charge extra because it takes a lot of work to clean the RV after a pet has been in it to remove all the pet hair, dander, and sanitize every surface with a pet enzyme solution. Our current pet fee is only $75 for the entire rental unit period. PLEASE be responsible with your pets can cause significant damage to our units when left unattended – for instance claws are known to puncture the upholstery, especially smaller dogs who can claw up the driver seat when watching for you to return. If it is discovered that a pet was in your rental unit without our knowledge (i.e., pet hair), there will be a non-refundable $300 pet fee charged to the card on file. Excessive pet hair removal will be charged an additional $75 per hour.

Smoking/Odors: We have a strict NON-SMOKING policy on all of our rental units. If any evidence of smoking is found or any odors noted below, we will charge a non-negotiable $300 fee; this goes to clean, sanitize and deodorize the coach professionally. We do not allow anything that can create a strong smell in the RV that is difficult to remove including camp fire smoke, raw fish storage or cooking with heavy spices such as curry or strong gumbo and deep frying.

Travel Restrictions: Our RV units are NOT allowed to travel into Canada due to Covid-19 restrictions at this time and to Mexico since our insurance does not cover you or the unit in Mexico. No travel allowed on any non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc. unless travelling a few miles to a licensed campground.

Towing: We do not allow towing of anything with our units. Some units are equipped with a 1¼ to 2 hitch and we do allow accessories like bike racks, hitch mounted BBQ pits, etc. however you must bring the hitch accessory with you for pickup and it will be locked on.

Repair & Service Availability: Please understand that roadside assistance and RV service is not always quickly available, especially when you travel to far remote areas. Sometimes in remote areas or on weekends & after hours it may take a long time to get a wrecker or service. Holidays are especially difficult to find help on the road. We suggest you take this into consideration and if you are going to be traveling through a remote area with limited resources, try and plan that part during the day on a week day when services may be available just in case something happens. When you are in big tourist areas during the summer or peak activity periods, it is sometimes difficult to find RV service centers willing to look at a unit on short notice as many times they are booked up and an appointment for the future is necessary. Sometimes we need to find a service center along your planned travel route and book a future appointment for when you will be passing by. 

Breakdowns: This Agreement for the rental unit of an RV. Outdoors is not responsible for inconvenience, delay or extra traveling costs due to breakdown or malfunctioning equipment. If a major breakdown occurs, please call the number provided for Roadside Assistance and Outdoors’s office (Tel: 253-525-3014). All repairs must be first authorized by Outdoors. Your expenses for authorized repairs will be paid directly by Outdoors or you will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts. Any vehicle service expense over USD $200 requires a call to our office. If the cost is under USD $200 you may have the service completed, but you must keep the receipt for reimbursement. Generator, A/C, Heat, water heater, radio, TV, DVD/BLU-RAY, stereo equipment, awning, and GPS, refrigerator/freezer, leveling jack, awning or slider malfunctions are not considered breakdowns.

Early Return: If you return before your scheduled return date, please note that Outdoors does not issue refunds for unused rental unit days; you will be charged the same as if you used all the days agreed upon. This includes if you have an accident or crash the unit, however if the crash is not your fault you may be able to recover your rental unit costs from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.

Interior Cleaning: Unless you select to add cleaning with your reservation, the coach must be returned with a clean interior. “Clean” means as you received it & ready for the next renter. If you pay for cleaning, the interior of the rental unit does not have to be returned clean. If you did not pay for cleaning at the time of renting the unit the cleaning fee you will be charged is $150 minimum (at the discretion of “Outdoors”), if the unit is returned dirty. During the time of Covid-19 our rentals are being professionally disinfected by a Germpro Certified Specialists which the CDC requires us to strictly clean all surfaces of the interior of the rental before this service can be performed. In lieu of requiring the interior cleaning service being required for every rental we are providing you the opportunity to return the rental “Clean” as you received it. Also, if you decided to clean the RV, or have someone do it for you, it will need to be done professionally. Sanitized and cleaned outside as well.

Exterior Cleaning: Unless you select to add cleaning with your reservation, the coach must be returned with a clean exterior. “Clean” means as you received it & ready for the next renter. If you pay for cleaning, the exterior of the rental unit does not have to be returned clean. If you did not pay for cleaning at the time of renting the unit the cleaning fee you will be charge is $125, (at the discretion of “Outdoors”), if the unit is returned dirty. During the time of Covid-19 our rentals are being professionally disinfected by a Germpro Certified Specialists which the CDC requires us to strictly clean all surfaces of the exterior of the rental before this service can be performed. In lieu of requiring the exterior cleaning service being required for every rental we are providing you the opportunity to return the rental “Clean” as you received it. Also, if you decided to clean the RV, or have someone do it for you, it will need to be done professionally. Sanitized and cleaned inside as well.

Fuel Refill: Fuel tanks will be full upon departure. All our rentals have a fuel tank monitoring feature that provides us a precise volume of fuel in the tank. They need to be FULL on return! (verify the tank indicators!) Gasoline tanks are advised to be topped off within 5-10 miles of our location as to avoid service fee. Gasoline: Refill Fee $ 35.00 plus posted cost of gasoline and processing fee.

Propane: If you don’t pre-pay for propane, it is your responsibility to refill the propane tank prior to return. If the RV is returned with propane tanks that are less than full, we will fill the tanks for a flat fee of $75.

Waste-Water & Sewage Tanks: All waste-water and sewage tanks will be empty upon departure. Renter is responsible to dump the tanks and return it with waste tanks empty & flushed clean, both black and gray tanks, satisfactory to Outdoors. If tanks are not emptied completely, to Outdoors’s satisfaction, a $150.00 Technician Fee will apply, unless the renter added the Prepaid Sewage Dump option, which excuses the renter from having to dump the holding tanks.

Abandoning Your Rental Unit: Please keep in mind that RVs are not hotels. There are many moving parts and they can sometimes be temperamental. We do our very best to maintain them but sometimes things happen that are out of our control (similar to a rental car). That being said, you are renting a very expensive piece of equipment and we expect you to treat it as if it were your own. If, for some reason, it breaks down, you are responsible to stay in the vicinity of the RV until it is repaired unless otherwise directed by Outdoors. Should you decide to abandon the RV, please understand that you will be billed for any and all retrieval fees to get the RV back to our location.

Speed / Safe Driving: The maximum speed allowed in our Motorhomes is 55mph and our campervans, camper cars is 65mph and is set by the insurance company you availed from and or the manufactures of the roof top tents, roof cargo carriers and awnings as excessive speeds could compromise and cause the roof accessories to fly off.  This is primarily for the safety of you and your family. RVs are fun and easy to drive, however any large & heavy vehicle reacts differently in emergency situations or tire blowouts. This rule also protects our engines and transmissions, which with the weight of an RV and your gear are already at the upper design limits. Higher speeds increase our service interval and cause unnecessary wear and tear on the engine and mechanical components that could lead to premature failure. Our vehicle are equipped with a Telematics GPS and it records a speed in excess of 75 mph, there will be a safety assessment of $49 for each day that the speed was in excess.

Toll Fees: All and any toll fees incurred must be paid, immediately. A $10.00 administrative fee will be levied in addition to any toll fees incurred and not paid. If Outdoors RV Rentals is required to follow up with regards to any unpaid traffic violations fees a further charge of $125.00 will be levied plus any and all out-of-pocket expenses and legal fees incurred.

Tracking Device: The Vehicle is equipped with a tracking device that uses technology to enable Outdoors. and its financial partners to better manage and protect vehicles within Outdoors rental fleet. Please note that these devices are able to monitor the location, mileage, fuel level, check engine lights, panic braking and hard acceleration and trip history of the vehicles in which they are installed. The Renter hereby consents to the Vehicle being monitored in this fashion. Outdoors will take all reasonable steps to protect the Renters personal information, in accordance with applicable privacy legislation.

Damage Inspection: Outdoors allows up to 5 days for post check-in processing. Upon your return, an initial inspection will be performed however if the rental unit is returned dirty it is impossible accurately perform until the rental unit is washed. So, a more detailed inspection will be performed after washing as to determine if any damage occurred during the rental unit period, as well as to see if any pet hair appears (unless a pet was approved). If damage or pet hair is discovered, Outdoors will notify you of the cost to fix the damage and or remove the pet hair. If your rental unit has any damage that was not there prior to your departure, it is considered your damage, therefore your security deposit will be affected based on the severity of the damage. NOTE: Interior damage, awnings, tires and windshields are not covered by insurance. If they get damaged and the cost exceeds the security deposit, the balance will be charged to the card on file.

Refunds: You understand and accept that having issues on an RV trip is commonplace due to the many parts and systems an RV has. No matter how well an RV is maintained, issues may arise without any warning. All refunds and adjustments are at the discretion of Outdoors and are limited to the base daily rental unit of the contract. Should the vehicle become inoperable, refunds are limited to the base daily rental unit of each day the rental unit is inoperable not to exceed the term of the contract. Drivetrain and Main Engine are covered under these terms. Generator, A/C, Heat, water heater, radio, TV, DVD/BLU-RAY, stereo equipment, awning, refrigerator/freezer, leveling jacks and GPS are not covered under inoperable terms. Outdoors maintains and services all systems on all units in our fleet regularly; regardless of this, things can happen and fail to work properly. We will do everything we can to help you resolve any issue that may arise.

Prohibited Uses: The following uses of the RV are prohibited and constitute a breach of this Agreement. The RV will not be driven: a) by anyone who is not an Authorized Driver, by anyone not licensed to drive, by anyone whose driving license is suspended, or by anyone whose driving license is restricted because of past traffic law violations; b) by anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, prescription or nonprescription drugs; c) by anyone who obtained the RV, or extended the rental unit period by giving Outdoors false, fraudulent or misleading information; d) in furtherance of any illegal purpose, or under any circumstances that could be properly charged as a crime other than minor traffic violations; e) to carry persons or property for hire or for compensation; f) to push or tow anything; g) in any race or speed contest; h) to carry dangerous, hazardous, or illegal materials; i) travel outside the United States; j) when loaded beyond its capacity as determined by the manufacturer of the RV; k) on an unpaved surface except at an RV campground; l) to transport more persons than the RV has seat belts or to carry persons outside the passenger compartment; m) to transport children without a federally-approved child safety restraint or booster seat as required by state law; n) when the odometer has been tampered with or disconnected; o) when the RV ‘s fluid levels are low, or it is otherwise reasonable to expect You to know that further operation of the RV would damage it; p) with inadequately secured cargo; q) to transport an animal other than those expressly permitted by this Agreement; r) after an accident involving the RV without first reporting the accident to the police and to Outdoors within 24 hours; s)driving the RV under an overpass, overhang or roof structure without sufficient clearance; t) sitting, standing or lying on the roof of the RV.

Release of Liability: You agree that Outdoors shall not be held liable or responsible in any way should you be injured while using the RV. You understand that in using the RV in any way, there is an inherent possibility of accident, illness, other physical injury, or loss of personal property. You agree to assume the risk of such accident, illness, other physical injury, or loss of property. You hereby release and discharge Outdoors and its owners, officers, agents, employees, partners, directors, shareholders, affiliates, and other representatives, and their successors and assigns (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from any and all liability, any and all claims, demands, damages, actions, and causes of action from any harm or damage resulting from your use of the RV, including any harm or damaged caused by the negligence of the Released Parties and waive any and all claims whatsoever, for any injury, accident, illness, or loss in connection with your use of the RV. Also, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any lawsuits, claims, damages (direct and consequential), including attorney’s fees and costs, arising from or incurred as a result of or in connection with your use of the RV. You understand that Outdoors is relying upon this Consent and Release in permitting you to use the RV.

Personal Property: You release Outdoors from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property or that of any other person, that we received, handled or stored, or that was left or carried in or on the RV or in any service vehicle or in our offices, whether or not the loss or damage was caused by Outdoors’s negligence.

Vehicle Damage: Regardless of fault, you are responsible for all damage to or loss of theft of the Vehicle during Your rental unit period resulting from any cause, including, without limitation, damage caused by collisions, weather, vandalism, road conditions and acts of nature. Subject to the law in the jurisdiction where the Vehicle was rented, your responsibility will include: a) all physical damage to the Vehicle measured as follows: i. if We determine that the Vehicle is a total loss the fair market value of the Vehicle less salvage; ii. if We determine that the Vehicle is repairable: a. the difference between the value of the Vehicle immediately before the damage and the value immediately after the damage; or b. the reasonable estimated retail value or actual cost of repair plus Diminished Value of 2%. Repairs will be conducted at market rates of $125 per labor hour and parts will be supplied by Outdoors RV Rental units at traditional repair shop markup rates. Sublet and/or third-party repairs are subject to the respective prevailing rates charged by the service provider.

Loss of Use: Responsibility for Damage or Loss; Reporting to Police. You are responsible for all damage to, or loss or theft of, the Vehicle, whether or not you are at fault. Your responsibility includes the cost of repair or the actual retail cash value of the Vehicle if it is not repairable or if we elect not to repair it. You will pay us for Loss of Use, Diminished Value and a reasonable charge to cover our administrative expenses connected with a damage claim. You must report all accidents involving the Vehicle to us and the police within 24 hours of occurrence. Charges shall be measured by multiplying Your daily rental unit rate either by the actual or estimated number of days from the date the Vehicle is damaged until it is replaced or repaired, which You agree represents a reasonable estimate of Loss of Use damages and not a penalty. The estimated number of days of Loss of Use shall be calculated as follows (assuming that all Loss of Use begins on a Monday and that 1 repair day is equal to 4 labor hours): the total number of labor hours in the repair estimate divided by 4 hours to determine the number of repair days, plus 2 weekend days for every 5 repair days, plus 3 administrative days to obtain a repair estimate, deliver and retrieve the Vehicle for repairs. Loss of Use shall be payable regardless of whether We had other vehicles in our fleet to rent, the Vehicle would have been used but for the damage, or We suffered lost profits as a result of the damage; e) towing, storage and impound charges and other reasonable incidental and consequential damages; and d) all costs associated with our enforcement of this Agreement or collection of Charges, including attorneys’ fees, collection fees and costs whether or not litigation is commenced. If You do not breach this Agreement Your responsibility for loss of or damage to the Vehicle from any cause regardless of fault to a maximum of $2,500 per occurrence. Your responsibility applies in respect of each claim, not per rental unit.

Charges: You will pay Outdoors for all charges due Outdoors under this Agreement, including, but not limited to: (a) all rental unit fees and costs along with applicable taxes; b) traffic, parking and toll violations, citations, fines, penalties, forfeitures, court costs, towing charges and other expenses involving the RV assessed against Outdoors or the RV ; c) all costs, including pre- and post-judgment attorneys’ fees and costs, Outdoors incurs in collecting payment from you or otherwise enforcing Outdoors’s rights under this Agreement; and d) any fees to clean the RV as set forth herein.

Miscellaneous: No term of this Agreement can be waived or modified except in a written agreement signed by both Outdoors and Renter. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Outdoors and the Renter. All prior representations and agreements between Outdoors and Renter regarding this rental unit are merged into this Agreement. The laws of the State of Washington shall govern the validity, performance and enforcement of this Agreement. If either party institutes legal suit or action for enforcement of any obligation contained herein, it is agreed that the venue of such suit or action shall be in Pierce County, Washington or the United States District Court having jurisdiction over such county.

THE PARTIES HEREBY WAIVE TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY ACTION, PROCEEDING OR COUNTERCLAIM BROUGHT BY EITHER PARTY AGAINST THE OTHER OR ANY MATTER WHATSOEVER ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THIS AGREEMENT, RENTER’S USE OR OCCUPANCY OF THE RV, AND/OR ANY CLAIM FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE. If any action or proceeding is brought by either party against the other pertaining to or arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing party (i.e., the party that recovers the greater relief as a result of the action or proceeding) shall be entitled to recover all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred on account of such action or proceeding. In addition to the foregoing award of attorneys’ fees to the successful party, the successful party in any action or proceeding shall be entitled to its attorneys’ fees incurred in any post-judgment proceedings to collect or enforce the judgment.

I authorize Outdoors to charge my credit card for all amounts owed pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, including but not limited to, reservation fees, rental unit fees or any vehicle damage fees incurred and also subjected to sales tax of 10.3%, RV rental tax if applies 7.7% and a 5% credit card processing fee.

I fully understand and agree to the terms of this Agreement and acknowledge receipt of the separate Terms and Conditions document provided to me by Outdoors.

Renter Signature: __________________________________________

Renter Name: (please print) __________________________________

Date: _______________